Lärmschutzwände für Eisen- und Autobahnen. Zwei Varianten, jeweils in verschiedenen Längen bis 200 Meter.

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    blackraeven blackraeven

    Hello Mikosch!
    I have thanked you before and wish to do so again! I am amazed that there is still a handful of people out there putting out material for MSTS-OPEN RAIL. As far as I know, YOU seem to be the only one left in your part of the world doing so. You have my undying admiration! I have experimented with Railworks and sunk several hundred dollars in the project; but for me the whole affair turned out to be a major disappointment and I am back to my first love!
    Wieder, Vielen Dank!!!

  2. 2
    Mikosch Mikosch

    Hi, thanks again! Always good to know there's people who have use for my work and I'm not just doing it for my own fun, since I barely ever see screenshots from routebuilders showing some of my work on the various forums...
    I've also switched over 95% to Railworks for driving trains, but as I'm just too stupid for Blender, SketchUp etc. I still stick to good old TSM for modeling. So it's very unlikely I'm going anywhere anytime soon.

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